Turning the Cell Phone Off!!!

Sometimes I forget just how dependent I have gotten on electronics as I’ve gotten older and need time to decompress. Today really hit home for me when I got home from work exhausted. I’ve been super sick lately but I haven’t been able to take nearly the time I should have been to be resting. So tonight I vowed to step back, take a break and relax for a while. How was I going to do that? Romance myself of course! It’s always important to pamper one’s self.

So I did just that. I lit a candle, made some tea, threw on some calm meditation music and most importantly I turned off my goddamn cellphone. Then I tried to figure out how to work the bathtub so I could run a bubble bath with chamomile… This did not work out so well. Actually, it just didn’t work out. The entire time I was trying to figure out how to work the goddamn plug (my brain is FRIED) I kept reaching for my cellphone, looking to check it for the time or perhaps a text or a call. I checked it ten times in less than 6 minutes. Well of course as soon as I realized what I was doing I had to put down the phone, step back and wonder just how attached I have gotten to my electronics.

Every single day we are constantly connected, constantly networking and we rarely (if really ever) take the time to shut off the TV, power down the cell phone, close the laptop and really just enjoy time to ourselves. We live in an incredibly high stress environment all the time, we as a culture constantly run our electronics like a white noise in the background. So guys, just make sure you take time to shut things off for a while and relax. Escape the white noise and actually listen to the world around you. Everyone deserves a reset every once in a while.

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