Blacks Beach

Blacks Beach

Blacks Beach is by far one of the best beaches I have been to in my life, but one of the hardest to get in and out of. Blacks is made up of two beaches, one nude and the other clothed, and to get to them you have to walk down the side of a cliff. Not even kidding. The cliff side has a winding narrow path that stretches across the face of it, often with large gaping steps holding the cliff side together. The path itself swoops down at steep angles that seem to almost defy the laws of Gravity at times and causes a work out you wont soon forget but you will quickly forgive once your toes hit the cashmere soft sand. The sand itself is unique as this surfer’s paradise (have I even mentioned the surf?!?!) and local’s escape place, not only is there black and sugar sand but they mix together creating an incredible array of patterns with their mismatched colors.  So we have incredible sand, an amazing hike, beautiful surf but to top this hot spot off there are hang gliders that jump off the tops of the cliffs, so while you sit there and soak up the sun and listen to the waves pound across the beach you get a free, very relaxing show. I absolutely have no problem giving my new favorite get away a 10/10.

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