Night Swimming

My heart beat nervously as the edge of the dark pacific ocean teased my toes. The moon was perfect against the humid August night sky, hazy, wrapped up in it’s blanket of stars that were hidden beneath the San Diego light pollution. I took a big sigh, missing my own stars back at home that were left unadulterated by man’s touch and looked at my best friend. Her eyes met mine in awe of the beauty of the ocean after dark, very much aware that by no means did that mean the ocean was asleep, and a mischievous smile suddenly sprang to her lips.

“We should skinny dip!.” She spoke into the surf.

My eyes darted back to a prestigious hotel my then-boyfriend-now-fiance, worked at. The building was incredible, especially tonight when they had a large private event, multicolored lights ran up the white columns carefully placed to guide the eye around the room. From where we stood there was no way that they would see us, we were too far down the beach, still I could just imagine the look of B’s face if he were called for security detail on two skinny dipping women and finding me. I giggled at the image, my blue eyes twinkling with trouble as I looked at her and started pulling off my shirt.

“Let’s do it!”  We quickly stripped off our clothes and ran into the on coming waves, shrieking with laughter as the cold water closed over our belly buttons. Pushing our shoulders underwater and diving into the on coming wave, our Vermont-Crayola-White skin disappeared into the darkness. My heart slowed, matching the sound of the waves against the sand, and I closed my eyes. My hands and feet tingled with anticipation and every cell hummed with the joy of being alive, here and now.

We shivered as we dragged ourselves back out of the ocean, thanking Neptune that we didn’t get eaten by something significantly bigger than us. Quickly grabbing our clothes and drying off as best as we could, slipping back into my nice warm jeans became a much bigger ordeal covered in sand and salt water and I thanked my mother’s voice for reminding me to bring a sweatshirt with me that night.

For those who have and have not been watching, things just took another step! We are seriously GLOBAL


I am still speechless that it has gone this far, this is incredible!!!! WE ARE GLOBAL!!!

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SERIOUSLY. MY FACE AND BUM AND BODY ARE ALL OVER THE INTERNET ADDRESSING THE BODY IMAGE ISSUE! (along with some absolutely stunning, amazing, wonderful women: Sarah Coffman, Tiffany Stephans, Ashley Arce)

This is just to help make things a little more clean, and give you all the info you might need if you don’t actually read the websites. (seriously, just read one. you’ll get the picture. pun intended)

We did this shoot to address the crazy beauty standards. We stripped down and pointed out what society considers flaws. Every line is a tummy tuck or breast augmentation. We are real women, with real bodies, that are stunning as is. Tj Smalls (photographer) Tiana Smalls (makeup) , and Connie Novello (hair) are to be thanked for this gorgeous compilation.

I cannot believe we have been picked up like this. !! Check out all these…

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So yesterday I woke up to the best text I’ve ever gotten.

Lines series

“Hey!” Tj texted me bright and early, he had the most exciting news of my life. The night before I had posted The Lines Series, a photo series that we had put together with some friends back in August, to Reddit and it … Continue reading